The Dakota Hunter

A Film by Axel Ebermann

Dakota Hunter, The Book

The Book “The Dakota Hunter” in English version will soon be released in USA/ Canada/ UK, expected by 23 March 2015
For more information and direct ordering at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles etc, please click to

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The Shining

Dakota wingtips look their best when they shine like a mirror.
However the original wings are coated with several layers of
anti-corrosion paint that Hans calls it the ‘paint in the butt’.

It took Hans several years to find somebody who was a good enough
polisher to give his beloved Dakota pieces the mirror polish he likes so much.




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Mosquito Planes in Florida

A number of Dakotas lived out their lives being used as spray planes
for mosquito control in Florida. Hans Wiesman is touring the local
airstrips hoping to find some hidden treasures.



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Taking the Plunge

A Dakota in the ocean. Hans Wiesman can’t help himself…




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Drug Smuggling

Quite a number of Dakotas in Colombia were in some way
involved in the very lucrative business of drug trafficking –
either by transporting drugs directly or by hauling supplies
for the producers.

If caught the planes get seized. This particular Dakota
was busted for a drug flight. Hans really wanted to take
some parts for museums in Europe, but the owner could
not be found, presumably because he is in some Colombian

And without the proper paperwork the export of the parts would be





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Hidden Treasures

Everybody in Villavicencio seems to have some random
Dakote parts somewhere.

Here Hans discovered a steering column in a backyard.
The part has since been restored and is part of the permanent
Dakota exhibition at the ‘Wings of Liberation’ Museum in
the Netherlands.


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The Lifeline

The Dakota is the lifeline to very remote communties in
the middle of the Colombian jungle.

Everything from cement to life stock is flown in by the

Every arrival of the legendary plane is a social event
that nobody in the village wants to miss.



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Love and Peace

Muslim clerics and Buddhist monks sitting in unison to give
their blessings to the Dakotas that are being sunk in Phuket to form an
artificial reef.


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Dakota Hunter – The Book

Although we traveled all over the world to make the documentary a film can
only cover so much…

For everybody who cannot get enough of  the adventures of the Dakota Hunter
Hans has written a book about his life and  decades of chasing down Dakotas.


‘Dakota Hunter, in search of the legendary DC-3 at the last frontiers’


For more information please click here:

The Dakota Hunter Book


The illustrated book with many never-seen-before pictures is slated to come out later on in 2012.

If you want to know more about Hans Wiesman’s book or get updates for the release please leave your email here:




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Fire watch: Starting the engines

Hans wanted to check out some remote unpaved airstrips in
the middle of the Colombian Jungle that can only be reached by
the Dakota.

He had heard rumors, that quite a few Dakota wrecks that did
not survice the rough landing were lying untouched and forgotten
in the wilderness.

So we hustled a flight on a cargo plane – and no passengers were allowed
on the plane until the over 50 year old engines – with a lot of huffing and puffing –
had come to life with somebody standing by with a fire extinguisher.

I have to admit I entered that plane with a bit of a funny feeling that day…


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